Warranty Details

Plant Material

All of our plant material is inspected and of good quality, which is why we stand behind it with a landscape warranty, but we understand that plants, as living beings, can go belly up. When we install new plant material on your property, we are entrusting you to follow our specific watering instructions and other preventative measures to keep your new plants healthy and growing. We want to make sure your investment is protected for the long-term and looks beautiful for years to come! Read the Landscape Warranty Details for Plant Material and Hardscape Projects below.

1-Year Replacement Warranty

Our plant warranty includes a one-time replacement of any perennial, shrub, or tree that completely dies within 1 year from the date of installation.  When we complete a warranty replacement at your property, this fulfills all obligation of warranty coverage by KF Landscapes, LLC despite the chance that any additional plants would die after the scheduled replacement but prior to the end of the 1-year coverage period.

**Please Note:

  • This warranty is valid only on estimates that include the specified verbiage highlighted warranty coverage.
  • A warranty request will not be honored if there are clear signs of neglect or theft.
  • The warranty is valid only if the customer has consistently adhered to our suggested watering schedule as described here.
  • A dead plant is one that shows no signs of life or new growth potential. Plants that show signs of stress but still have green or healthy growth are not considered dead and are therefor not covered by warranty replacement.
  • Replacement plants will be the same size container, height, or caliper as the originally estimated plants. We’re happy to install a larger size plant at a charge equal to the difference in material cost.
  • We will schedule 1 trip for warranty and complete all replacements at one time.  We generally suggest that we schedule the trip close to the end of the 1 year warranty period so we can ensure we’ve replaced all dead material during the entire 1 year.

Replacement Dates

Unless otherwise specified, we complete all of our warranty requests during the third week of each month between April and September. When we receive your warranty replacement request, we will notify you by email of the specific week and month of your replacement period.

How To Make A Warranty Claim

Use our Warranty Request Form below!


2 year repair warranty on installed retaining walls and paver patios!

We will repair any retaining wall or paver patio that fails within 2 year from the date of installation.

A failed retaining wall or patio includes those that exhibit:

  • structural damage
  • tilting or leaning
  • significant widening of joints cause by hydrostatic pressure
  • obvious sinking or shiftingA failed retaining wall or patio does not include the following:
  • chips or cracks in concrete units that appear post-installation
  • damage caused by collision from vehicle, person, or other heavy object
  • theft
  • abuse caused by humans or animals
  • any significant act of God such as tornado, flood, earthquake, etc.* The client must notify KF Landscapes of damage within 1 year from date of project completion.

Replacement Dates

Unless otherwise specified, we complete all of our hardscape warranty requests as quickly as possible after receipt.  These repairs are typically added to our normal project queue, but placed at a high priority since you are already a valued customer!  However, we typically have at least a several week backlog so we have to be conscious of all our commitments.

* Please note: Replacement materials may be slightly different color, texture, or finish than the originally installed materials.  This is entirely dependent on the manufacturer’s consistency standards and we cannot be held responsible for these discrepancies.

How To Make A Warranty Claim

Use our Warranty Request Form below!

Warranty Request Form