Our Landscape Staff

Our company began over 12 years ago with the vision of developing client relationships that are built on integrity and trust, and it all starts with the incredible people who make up the KF Landscape Staff.

Kohl Fitzmaurice

Kohl Fitzmaurice, Owner

From a young age, Kohl has had the vision & drive to build a successful landscape company from the ground up. He is a great motivator and his integrity and caring nature is truly contagious.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Lindenwood University and is a certified installer with the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute).

Tony Meyer

Tony Meyer, Designer & Marketing Manager

Tony is our lead designer and received his Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University. He works directly with many of our clients to provide them with a custom landscape design and beautifully rendered drawings. He’s also the office manager and the marketing manager.

Karie Fitzmaurice

Karie Fitzmaurice, Bookkeeper

Karie is responsible for all of the company’s financials including accounts receivable, accounts payable, taxes, insurance and employee payroll.  She has a important drive to be precise and thorough and we rely on her to direct the business in the right direction.

Dan Baker

Dan Baker, Operations Manager

Dan is responsible for all logistical organization and managing our daily operations.  His ability to lead people and his relentless pursuit of quality is what keeps our installation crews rolling in the right direction.  Dan is also an arborist (certification pending) – completing all of our tree removal and tree care projects.

Shawn MacCarthy

Shawn MacCarthy, Client Manager

With almost 30 years experience in the construction industry, Shawn brings an important knowledge of the installation process.  He enjoys working with people to help them find the best solution to their outdoor problems.

Jeff Kulow

Jeff Kulow, Client Manager

Jeff serves many of our commercial and residential clients by providing informed consultation and project guidance.  He has many years of experience in the landscape industry including owning his own business for almost 10 years.

Angie Lehmann

Angie Lehmann, Office Assistant

Angie’s proficiency in organization and multi-tasking is what holds our office together.  She is responsible for much of our client communications, scheduling, and documentation.  Most importantly, however, is her lovely personality and enthusiastic energy.

Justin Wuelling

Justin Wuelling, Crew Foreman

Justin has quickly become a valued manager as he seeks to perfect his skill in all landscape installation projects.  He excels in hardscape and drainage projects and his ability to motivate people has made him a valued manager.

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh, Crew Foreman

Mike is one of our main hardscape foreman, specializing in some of our more complex patio projects.  He has great proficiency and skill, but the employees that work with him would agree that his best attribute is his leadership ability.  Mike is great with people and all of our employees and clients love working with him.

Jacob Deschu

Jacob Deschu, Crew Foreman

Jacob has a great knack for detail that shows in his work.  His ability to critically think through the variables of construction and his attention to finishing touches makes him crucial in many of our more complex projects.  Whether he’s installing a planting plan or a stone veneer wall, Jacob has proven a reliable and necessary manager.

Alec Rupp

Alec Rupp, Crew Foreman

Alec is one of our most versatile foreman, working on many different types of projects including hardscape, planting, drainage, lighting, maintenance, and much more.  The enthusiasm and positive energy he brings to work every day is truly contagious and we all love working with him.

matt thornhill

Matt Thornhill, Crew Foreman

Matt’s background in plumbing promotes him as our specialized leader for drainage projects.  He’s also adept at many other types of projects and really excels at building large walls and other jobs that require operating our heavy equipment.